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We are excited you are visiting M.E.'s Reading Nook! Take a look around the NOOK and get to reading!!

Tips for Motivating Your Child

1. Make reading a fun activity. Do not stress your child out about reading, or treat it as work. Make it an enjoyable time that they will look forward to. Curl up with your child in a cozy place and read a book together.

2. Make predictions and share connections you are making with the book. Show them the thinking process you go through while reading. Encourage you child to do the same, but don't get frustrated or criticize their responses. Just keep modeling and stay positive.

3. Take your child to libraries and bookstore frequently. Talk it up like you are going to a toy store. Help them find books by authors they enjoy or subjects they are interested in.

4. Audio Books!! Especially in the car. This is not cheating. There have been numerous research studies that show audio books are beneficial to young readers. When children listen to books they hear how fluent readers sound, with expression and feeling. They practice critical thinking skills which increases comprehension. They practice reading strategies such as visualizing, making connections, and predicting outcomes. Research also shows that vocabulary skills are increased with audio books. Most importantly, listening to a good story helps children fall in love with books. That is the greatest motivation.

Once again, STAY POSITIVE! Celebrate their progress, no matter how small.

Tips to Increase Vocabulary

Building Academic Vocabulary
A list of academic vocabulary words students need to know

Links to help build vocabulary